Just Eat, UberEats or Deliveroo: Which delivery partner is best for a takeaway business?

If you’re running a food business in 2021, you’ll probably be running a takeaway service too. But if you’re concerned whether you’ve appointed the right delivery partner or are looking to engage with one, this article could help you.  

So, maybe you have some questions like: 

  • How much commission do they take? 
  • Which one gives the best service?
  • Can I integrate my EPOS? 
  • Which one will my customers prefer?

If so, we’ve outlined some answers to help you weigh up the pros and cons. Because in 2021, so much is riding on the ‘big three’ (excuse the pun) to support the growing demand for takeaway deliveries. So you should be in the know about what they offer. Plus, we don’t want to overlook the smaller, up-and-coming providers who are offering restaurants an alternative choice.  

Just Eat

First up are Just Eat. And that’s because they have the biggest market share of all takeaway deliveries in the UK. On top of this, orders made via Just Eat in the last quarter of 2020 were quadruple that of the rest of the year.

If you’re considering a partnership with Just Eat, expect them to take an average commission of 14% on your orders.

You may also be interested to know that, since their merger with takeaway.com, they plan to pay their delivery drivers an hourly wage

Customer-wise, Just Eat services the biggest number of homes in the UK, but their audience tends to be more suburban and slightly older. 


Both UberEats and Deliveroo came under fire in 2020 over their rates.

In response to this, UberEats dropped their commission level from 35% to 30%. 

Serving a relatively young audience, UberEats can be found in most urban areas including London. And with such a large market to look after, their drivers are kept very busy. Bear in mind they’ll also charge a one-off activation fee for new partnerships. 


Deliveroo can also be found mainly in urban cities serving a younger audience. And to give you an example of their customer base, in a recent poll on the most popular takeaways ordered via Deliveroo, the Five Guys’ burger came out on top

Like UberEats, Deliveroo charges a 30% commission on all orders. 

Psst. All Deliveroo orders can be easily synced with Grafterr’s takeaway ePOS software

Alternative Providers

So what are the alternatives to the big players? Here are a couple that you may want to look into before you decide. 

A delivery partner that serves Scotland and the North East of England, Scoffable has 400,000 users who make over a million orders every month. And they charge a “fair commission rate” based only on successful orders received. 

Headquartered in Paris, Stuart was founded in 2015. And it’s operating in over 80 cities across the UK, France, Spain and Poland. And while they’re effectively a highly adaptable courier service, their professionalism and speed is already relied on by major brands including Pizza Hut and Rosa’s Thai Café

So, which one is best?

When it comes to what’s right for your business, whichever path you choose must be your decision. And while we can’t say which one would be better than the other, we can advise you not to sign up to any terms you’re uncomfortable with. 

Making the choice to partner with a delivery app means weighing up the pros and cons for your business, including your profit margins. And we hope we’ve highlighted some of those here. 

So, spend time checking your figures to ensure you’ll make a comfortable profit on any sales generated from your food orders. 

Plus, make sure to factor in a review of the right ePOS system. Because Grafterr offers seamless integration with delivery partners.

With plug & play systems that can easily integrate with ordering platforms, our hybrid systems can easily process orders, manage deliveries, but will also track your drivers in real-time. And this should give you peace of mind that you’re customers are staying happy.