New research from Grafterr shows table service and takeaway are essential for UK customers

From process automation to self-service kiosks, new technologies have been changing the hospitality sector for the better. To understand how they’ve affected customer’s perceptions, Grafterr has commissioned an exciting new piece of in-depth research.

Compiled into a new report, our research shows one-third of consumers would only visit a venue if they could get table service. What’s more, 40% of consumers said they expected all bars and restaurants to offer a takeaway service.

And while more than a third of consumers welcomed the technological evolution of the hospitality industry, 48% said they felt it was important for new technologies not to remove the social aspects they enjoyed. 

Our research shows new technologies are supporting businesses both behind the scenes and at the point of sale. From minimising order errors to enhancing multi-channel ordering, technology is supporting employees to feel less pressured and better able to drive efficiencies. Also, because they aren’t waiting as long for their orders, customers are enjoying the convenience of improved, more autonomous, service-driven experiences.  

With many more customers enjoying seamless experiences in all types of venues, the expected returns from investing in automated technology are substantial for the sector. And as businesses across the country begin to reopen, we expect the appetite for increased technology to grow.  

Our report also reveals:

  • More than 50% of consumers are happy to see bars and restaurants continue to focus on takeaways.
  • 30% of consumers will order more often from restaurants if they have a takeaway option.
  • 45% would like to see technology play a bigger part in minimising errors.
  • 40% want more venues to adopt technology for greater efficiency and seamless experiences.
  • 44% want to continue enjoying the table service-only set-up they’ve experienced in recent months.
  • 41% prefer to order from their mobile device in real-time rather than wait for staff to come to their table.
  • 28% would like to select a specific table/area when booking online.
  • Almost 30% want greater service efficiency, such as when they’re being seated or paying the bill.
  • 28% want more technology in their dining experiences and prefer not to queue at bars or desks.

Available to download, our report highlights the latest findings on consumer likes and dislikes. It also reveals what customers want to see more, less of, what they’re excited about and what businesses should do as they begin opening up to more and more customer interactions.

Our research report shows consumers are eager to see the continued adoption of new technologies to help drive efficiencies and improve the customer experience.