How can ePOS improve the customer experience?

Customer experience has become an essential consideration for every profitable business. 

Sometimes shortened to CX, customer experience is essentially a bit of a buzzword for how you make your customers feel. It includes customer service but is more than that. It’s the image they get when they think about your brand. It’s the experience they have with you and your services. It’s how easy you make it for them to get the information they need and to buy the things that they want. 

So, to deliver a great customer experience, your business should be asking itself some key questions: Who are your customers? What do they want, need, or expect from you? How can your business meet or surpass their needs and expectations? 

And with this information, it’s important to build a profile of your own customers’ wants, needs and desires. Because you’ll want to make sure your services are designed to meet them as far as possible. 
Plus, when 86% of customers say they’re willing to pay more if they feel great after interacting with your brand, it’s important to place customer experience high up in your list of priorities. 

What are the key components of great customer experience?


One of the key drivers of Customer Experience is convenience. And this is what we all want, need, and expect in our daily lives. So the best way to drive convenience in your service offering is to keep things as simple as possible. 


Another aspect that underpins convenience is reliability. And that means you’ll need to meet your customers’ expectations every time. They’ll need to have a great experience that they know they can depend on. And you’ll need to earn their trust and respect, which means giving a great experience every time. 


These days, customers are getting what they want, when they want. And to provide an exceptional customer experience that drives revenue, you’ll need to meet these expectations too. Finding ways to make your services easily and freely available will position you ahead of the competition. 


Every great sales and customer service interaction is rooted in understanding your customers and matching their needs. And when 70% of consumers say they will be more loyal when a company shows they understand their needs, you should spend the time getting to know them well.  

Ways ePOS can help you surpass customer expectations

ePOS makes things simpler and faster

There’s nothing more inconvenient for your customers than a huge queue and no time to wait. ePOS technology will process orders more quickly, which means reduced queues and waiting times for your customers. And thanks to self-ordering kiosks and QR codes, kitchens can pick up your order straight away and have it ready in no time. 

Helps you design your business around what your customers want

ePOS technology can enable your customers to get a better sense of control over their orders, especially when you allow tailoring. Adding extra veg, extra protein, or extra whatever to your meal is driving order rates and making customers happier. And when you know what it is your customers’ are looking for, ePOS is ready to help you give them what they want.

Improves customer service

Self-ordering kiosks are always there to serve. And providing such reliability is lifting the customer experience. So, considering placing FAQ’s in the hands of self-ordering kiosks, and you’ll see how they do the work to resolve customer queries faster. Because this will lead to high rates of converting questions into sales.   

Hardware that lasts a lifetime

Cutting edge ePOS hardware will build reliability into your service offering. With a fully integrated, all-in-one ePOS service running across all aspects of your hospitality business, you’ll embed reliability into your customer experience and help customers come back for more, more often. 

Seamless integration between devices 

From kiosks and QR codes to contactless payments and self-ordering kiosks, ePOS hardware can be fully integrated between a range of devices. And this connectivity will make your customers’ lives more convenient. Plus, it’ll give them better accessibility and simplicity in their experience of your brand. 

Customer Experience isn’t rocket science. But it does require some big-picture thinking. And when you starting with understanding who your customers are and what they’re looking for, you’ll be in a great position to find the right ePOS solutions to help.