Hospitality is embracing technology to tackle the climate crisis

Many hospitality businesses are leaning into IoT (Internet of Things) to improve operational efficiencies. And it’s no wonder when IoT’s are networks of hyper-connected physical devices that collect and transfer data between each other over wireless networks. 

From increased levels of connectivity to energy-efficient environments, the benefits of this technology are boundless. And, by implementing this technology into operations, many companies are enjoying the benefits of facial recognition security checks, detecting suspicious behaviours and improved crowd management. 

To gauge their thoughts on use of this technology in the hospitality sector, Grafterr surveyed 2,000 consumers across the UK. 

The priority for most respondents was seeing reduced environmental footprints. In fact, as many as 49% placed high importance for the sector to reduce energy usage through the adoption of IoT.

Further results revealed 23% of responders are excited about the use of energy-efficient/sustainable dining environments. And this echoed the need for more venues to use technologies like IoT as a way to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Improving safety was also a concern, where 43% admitted they would feel safer if venues implemented more technology into security checks. 

46% said they preferred contactless ordering, and would like the industry to continue adopting this. 

40% would like to see more venues adopting technology to deliver more seamless experiences and improve efficiencies. 

And driving greater efficiency and advanced connectivity within venues was also a priority.

Survey results proved that, where consumers are becoming more purpose-driven, they’re seeking operators whose values on sustainability align better with their own. And as a consequence, businesses are placing greater importance on reducing environmental footprints.

By working to reduce energy usage, IoT is helping hospitality businesses create more sustainable dining environments. And many venues have already adopted this technology to create safer spaces for their patrons. 

With IoT technology helping businesses across the hospitality sector make significant enhancements – from improved customer experience to driving towards the Government’s 2050 net-zero target of reducing carbon emissions by 80% – we’re confident it will continue to make a positive impact on the broader climate crisis.   

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