5 Rising Food Trends You Need To Know About

It’s no secret that the UK’s food culture has been a growing trends in recent years – and there is no signs of it slowing.

Stats from Instagram, for example, suggest food and drink is the most popular topic in the UK, with almost 40% of Instagrammers identifying as ‘food aficionados’

So, it’s no surprise that new trends are always popping up. But what are the latest trends on the scene?

TikTok food

Over the past year, TikTok has been a hotbed for rising food trends. Through the app we saw more cloud bread, banana bread, whipped coffee, and cream cheese on bell peppers. And all of these have become a foodie ‘thing’ around the globe. Not that any of them weren’t something before! But TikTok has a powerful way of turning things into trends that many people will follow. 

So what can we expect from TikTok in the next few months?  

Well, we reckon breakfasts will take off in a bigger way. Take pancake cereal, for instance. It’s already gained traction over the last year as a craze on TikTok, but in the next few months we reckon you’ll see more fresh, organic and health-boosting cereals shared by influencers on the platform. 

Virtual cooking classes

Eating in has become the new going out. And bringing the restaurant experience to your home is so much easier thanks to leading British Chefs like Tom Aikens. Online cooking classes are now available with Tom and you can treat yourself to some delicious British classics such as Tom’s Fish and Chips, Apple and Berry Crumble and Grilled Plaice, Capers and Brown Shrimp Sauce.

Nutrition hacking

Today, a lot of people are looking to boost their immune health. And they’re giving greater attention to getting the right levels of nutrition. 

Protein is often a priority, with 8 out of 10 global meal replacements claiming to be “high in protein”. Protein-powered food and drink offers a convenient way for customers to get the hit of immunity-boosting health they really want. 

So, with so much more customer-autonomy coming into play, personalisation of dietary health is becoming ever-more important. What does this mean for food businesses? Expect greater demand for customisation and food curation.

Korean fusion pizza

Kimchi (that is, fermented vegetables) has come into its own in recent years.  

And this staple tradition of Korea—often eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner—is a key feature of a new wave of Korean fusion pizza arriving in London. Sourdough pizza and craft beer brand Four Hundred Rabbits has teamed up with street food vendor On the Bab and created ‘London’s first Korean pizza’. And we think that’s pretty exciting. 

And if you’re a die-hard Korean food fan, expect demand for Bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef) pizza to explode in the next few months too. 

English wines

English wineries aren’t new. But where the soil in counties like Kent and Sussex offers very similar conditions to what you can find in France (mixed with a touch of global warming), English wine is being produced in far greater quantities than before. 

Plus, with Covid recovery and a growing trend in supporting local businesses, there’s no better time to support those homegrown producers of what are, quite frankly, exceptional wines. 

So, expect to see funky flavours, colourful bottles, canned wines, and our favourite the delicious Bacchus appear on many wine orders in 2021. 

Closing thoughts

So that’s it – the top food trends that are on the rise.

And don’t forget, if your business needs to monitor its own food trends, our restaurant epos software provides the means to track metrics across your key touchpoints. From sales to stock, to food waste and promotional deals. All of which can help you drive the right offers to customers at the right time.