5 of the most exciting takeaway trends for 2021 you need to know about

Phew! 2020 finally came to end. And thank goodness for that. But as we start a new year afresh, with an atmosphere of hope for change, we can be sure that the takeaway industry won’t be turning back to how it was. Most likely, the demand for takeaways will continue to rise. 

And that’s because it’s never been easier to meet the demands of hungry crowds who’ve become used to the convenience and quality of ordering food from the comforts of their homes.

So, to help you plan for how to catch a ride on the coming waves, we’ve outlined 5 trends your takeaway business should consider running with in 2021. 

1. Food delivery subscriptions 

Paying a monthly subscription for takeaway services isn’t something new. But with the surge in demand in 2020 set to grow in 2021, more and more customers are ordering takeaways during the weekdays. And by signing up to monthly subscriptions, they can reduce costs, or get free delivery. And this makes sense to do if you’re a regular takeaway customer.

Plus, since Deliveroo doubled their UK driver base from 25,000 to 50,000 in 2020, we may see demand rise at similar rates. 

2. Bringing the restaurant experience to your home

An exciting trend in recent months is for a full restaurant experience delivered to your door. And sure, takeaways are pretty similar, but we’re talking 3-or-4-course, restaurant curated fine dining experiences delivered to your home. The only catch is that you’ll need to prepare the food yourself!

Offerings from Home By Nico and Jason Atherton’s home box are two fine examples. And customers can recreate their own favourite restaurant experiences by preparing meals designed by some of the best chefs in the industry.

3. Increased snacking and lighter bites

Since so many of us have been stuck at home – working, living, eating, sitting – more people have started eating smaller amounts at regular intervals. And this is shifting them away from taking a traditional hour for lunch or dinner as they once did to move towards snacking.

In fact, snacking increased by over a third in 2020, with more people enjoying smaller portions throughout the day. And for the takeaway industry, this means more regular deliveries and smaller bites.

4. More eco-consciousness 

Having seen this trend arise in our 2020 predictions, the popularity of environmentally conscious food is set to expand. And specific areas you’ll want to be aware of include: 


A new breed of eco-consciousness where individuals question how every facet of their experience impacts the environment. So, plastic straws, plastic cutlery, and non-biodegradable food containers should be off the menu. If your services offer anything that threatens sustainability and the ‘future of the planet’, you’ll need to consider how you’ll adapt to meet this need. 

Food waste reducers

Speaking of impacting the planet, food waste is a serious culprit in advancing damage to the environment. Because statistics from food waste app OLIO suggest the UK wastes over 20% of its weekly food by throwing it away. And this may see people have increasing concerns over the size of their takeaway portions.

Vegetarians and vegans

Social media has played a strong part in advancing awareness of sustainability. And for takeaways, this resulted in demand for plant-based dishes, and veganism and vegetarianism. This year, we’ll see the growth continue and impact on the types of foods customers desire from their takeaway. 

5. Alcohol orders

With fewer of us able to get out to enjoy a drink with friends and family, bringing the pubs to our homes has become possible. So alcohol deliveries went up by a third in 2020, and while we would hope to have more freedom than we did, customers will continue to look for ways to relax at home with a great meal and good drink. 

Of course, no-one knows what the future holds. But if you’re running a home delivery or takeaway service, Grafterr’s advanced food delivery functionality will make it easier to assign orders, manage drivers, and use app software to take payments.